an easy gameday outfit

Exactly three weeks ago, I was fretting over what to wear to an SEC game with my family and some family friends. Well, the game’s tomorrow and I have the perfect outfit.

Ironically enough, it wasn’t even one of the options I posted about. Go figure. I ended up ordering this snakeskin shift on a whim and loved it.

I really loved the bell sleeves and darker print of the romper I ordered, which I had shipped in both a four and a six, but both were too short and too low-cut. If I were buying them primarily to go out in, I’d keep the six and maybe have it altered, but I just felt more comfortable in the shift. It’s better for a daytime family thing than the bars, I won’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction, and my father won’t cry when he sees me in it. I just plain like it, too, which is always a plus.

For sizing, on me I ordered it in a four and it fits fine in the shoulders. I’m 5’6.5″ and it hits short enough so my hands wouldn’t graze the hem, but it’s not a miniskirt. I’m paring it with simple silver hoops, a quick bracelet or two, and new booties.

Somehow I can’t stop buying shoes. It’s cathartic. And better than drinking.





what to wear: black jeans

In Florida this past week, I was in Zara for the first time and randomly noticed a glaring black hole in my wardrobe. I didn’t have a halfway decent pair of black jeans.

I actually do own a pair, but they’re much thicker and more like a ponte knit. They worked great for professional occasions and days with intense cold, but beyond that, they didn’t really work with any casual tops. After a quick poll from my friends, who almost all agreed that they wear black jeans (that are truly denim and not more of a dressier pant like my previous ones) a ton, I decided to get a pair at Zara.

The kicker is that I accidentally lost my receipt and already removed the tags + washed my pair, so I don’t know the exact style. I’m pretty sure it’s either this pair or this pair that is a little more forgiving. Both are under $50, both have silver accents and none of the dreadful pocket designs I hate, and both are without rips. My pair passed my jeans dressing room test and were comfortable through bending down, stretching, and walking without budging. So far, I love them, and you can’t beat the price.

How I went this long without them I will never know. How to style black jeans and not look goth is to come!



jack rogers booties: a success story

All the way back in March, I realized I wanted Jack Rogers booties, and even dedicated an entire post to it. It was the Bailee Suede Bootie, particularly, that piqued my interest.

I’d originally found them for $128 at Zappos, and even though I verbatim said I was in a let’s-spend-money mood (I crack myself up), I ended up holding off because I wouldn’t be able to wear them for months.

As summer crept up and I began a cycle of staying up late and sleeping even later, I eventually forgot about them. Then, I randomly found them at TJ Maxx last month for only $69.99. It was as if the heavens opened up and sent them to me.

Thanks to the magic that is TJ Maxx, I now am the proud owner of these beautiful booties in the color “oak” for nearly half their listed price. I realize I’m a little late to post, but it might be worth looking in your store(s).

I love a good diamond in the rough.




5 on friday

Since I haven’t done a 5 on Friday in a coon’s age, a favorite saying of my grandmother’s, I’m bringing it back. Thank you April, who posts like every day and has two babies, for motivating me that I should hop back on the bandwagon!

With two SEC games coming up, I’m in desperate need of a gameday outfit, and fast. I want to order this week, because I’ll be away from the ninth to the thirteenth and then ten days after that is the first game.

I know I’m either needing to wear crimson, gray, or black, and I won’t do white because it washes me out and I spill. I also don’t know if it’s a day or night game so I need to be slighly flexible with being able to layer something over a dress or romper if needed. Please help me pick one of these five darling options…

1. Black and White Striped Romper

I love this Necessary Clothing romper. The ruffles are cute, it’s $25.99, and it’s not strapless, so I could throw on a bralette. Also, I could wear it with booties. But I don’t want to be cold and I don’t know how a jacket would look.

2. Snakeskin Romper

Clearly, I’m a big romper girl. This missguided one for $42.50 stood out to me because of the print, but I don’t know if I’m sold on it being chiffon or not. I do know it would look good with booties, though, and I appreciate the long sleeves.

3. Cutout Dress

Of course, I browsed Nordstrom a lot in looking for options. I like the cutouts of this $39 dress and the fact that it’s not quite a boring long sleeve but not completely sleeveless either. It would work with booties but having to wear a strapless bra would be an L. We’ll see.

4. Knotted Romper

Ah, Urban. I hate that this  Silence + Noise piece is an online exclusive because I’m curious about the fit and if the color is crimson enough in person. It’s also $59, and I’m not sure what bralette I’d wear or how low it goes. I will be at this one with my parents, so I’m not exactly looking to bare it all.

5. Leopard Silk Romper

I know I said no white, but I can’t resist this Parker romper. I know the quality will be great, and I am obsessed with the print. I feel like leopard can get trashy quickly, but this is perfectly chic. The only issues are that it’s going fast for just $66.91 at Rack, it’s white, and I think it would pair better with a more summery shoe. But I still love it.

Other runner-ups include an Urban bell sleeved dress with cutouts, a Show Me Your MuMu dress, another one in a grayish lace, and a piece a local boutique posted on their Instagram, which I’ll try to get a pic of soon.

Please help!!




what to wear: cutout crops

Looks like my busy fall has already started. Yikes. I’m knee deep in to-do lists, essays, and responses that I’m trying to get done before I go away twice in October and what feels like a million other times.

With being busy comes having less time to curate my wardrobe as much as I’d like. Hence, we’re wearing a lot of athleisure, and, to be honest, I don’t hate it. It’s that nice time of year when leggings are too warm but shorts might be a touch cool, so cropped leggings it is.

Enter the crop with cutouts. They’re the perfect feature: somehow less bold than neon accents and more put together than a straight hem, they offer a balance I’m liking a lot.

[via shop.]
Seeing these Zella ‘Midnight’ crops online piqued my interest. Not only are they $59, but they also remind me of some Lululemon and designer activewear options. I have a few items of this brand and can vouch for the quality, which is exceptional.

If you’re a fan of mesh, these Fast as Light crops from Lululemon will do the trick. I’d probably scoop up either these $98 options, their $88 Rush Hour 21″, or the similar Sun Runner crop if I didn’t have a similar pair. I think mine are called the Var-City crop, but they’re no longer available. (I wrote about them and the general quality of Lulu items here.)

[via shop.]
These Urban Without Walls crops, on the site in a Large for $39, are sweet. I love the fact that they avoid the lace-up trend that’s almost overdone now with a simple, linear design. And you can’t beat $40. I’ve never bought workout wear from Urban- I stick to going out tops, sweaters, and bralettes, basically- so I can’t vouch for quality or sizing, unfortunately. I might have to go give these a try, though, in which case I’ll report back. Also, doesn’t the model look a little like Malia Obama?

Three cheers to athleisure that makes your butt look good and your aesthetic even better.







lilly pulitzer sale

I love nothing more than privileged white women fighting over material things, so naturally, I also love Black Friday, sample sales, and the mecca of all: the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Event.

This year, it ran from August 22nd to August 23rd, and things sold out in record time. I ended up with three things, which I forgot to share last week. In the spirit of full disclosure, though, I’ll admit that I’m not a mega Lilly fan. I don’t own throw pillows designed by them, I don’t hashtag my posts with #Resort365, I don’t spend ungodly amounts of money just to get a beach ball or another gift with purchase equally as disappointing, and I don’t really wear any of her items besides easy dresses and skirts, though I’d love to try a romper. I find myself pulling out my favorite skirts/skorts probably six or seven times each summer for outdoor events, usually by the water.

I opened up the site at probably nine a.m.-ish on the 22nd and was met with about a forty minute wait. I didn’t mind, but I definitely should’ve scoped out what I wanted and what regular prices were before I bought.

Frivolous as they are, I couldn’t resist at least one cosmetic bag. I have a makeup bag addiction. No pouch, from a gold leather number from Anthro to Kylie’s own to the more classic Lilly, is rendered useless under my ownership. Even if I don’t use it, I can throw a gift card or some makeup and polish in for a gift. (Make It Cosmetic Case in “Multi Dripping in Jewels”, $19)

From May on, I live for easy skirts like this one for family dinners, Church functions, and casual internship days. Plus, the cut and colors are extremely flattering on tan legs. Usually I wouldn’t go for such bright tones as seen on the left, but Lilly Pulitzer is already bright, so why not go all the way? Stupidly, I bought the right because I somehow forgot that one of my favorite Lilly skorts I already have is pink, green, and white. Shit. But it doesn’t have pineapples and that’s enough for me to get a similar one. (Jasmine Skirt in “Don’t Give a Cluck, Flamingo Pink” $39,and Tate Skirt, $39)

They still haven’t come in yet, but I’m not worried. Their customer service is always excellent and it’s a nice surprise in the mail. But the name “Don’t Give a Cluck, Flamingo Pink”? Kill me.



what to wear: skirts for fall

Without revealing too much about where I am and what I do right now, I find myself wearing a lot of skirts, from super-casual minis to more professional options.

Just for you, I rounded up my current favorites and wishlist skirts for the upcoming season. They’re all under $100 because I’m poor budgeting.

Here’s the ones I have my eyes on for fall:

what to wear: skirts for fall


Clearly the fall classics, olive, camel, black, and suede fabrics, are in. Continuing the 70s trend that summer 2016 seemed to love, fringe and lace-up are also big.
I’ll definitely be buying the J. Crew Factory faux suede skirts. I can’t get enough of the simple silhouette and classic camel. Both the navy and camel are $47.50 right now, but I’ll probably wait until I get another email code. FYI: I also saw a lot more professional items in their other skirts, so give those a look if you have an internship or big girl job to head to soon. Also, a bit trendier, I love the Topshop military green wrap skirt, which is $68 at Nordstrom, and their lace-up option that’s a little less green for $48. Of course, I had to include at least one black option (as we all know, I love a good all-black ensemble), and I found a fringed one at Revolve that’s only $37. I’m picturing it with a silk cami, nude heels or high booties, and a Y-chain necklace.