make me up: laura mercier powder

Technically, it’s called Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, but we’ll shorten it for conversation’s sake. It’s $38 at Sephora. 

This powder came with excellent reviews from friends, blogs, and the Sephora website, on which it was ranked 4.5 stars. I needed a powder that was, well, translucent, because I sometimes needed a setting powder that’s not my BareMinerals, which is a foundation, colored-to-me powder.

I particularly like this product for my T-zone, which can get oily, and undereyes. I haven’t noticed it clinging to any dry spots if it comes across them, which is something I’d read complaints about.

I have to plug it for extra staying power for Laura Mercier’s translucent powder especially when paired with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Spray. It’s easy, it doesn’t smell, and it keeps everything in place. I had the Laura and Urban Decay combination on on Christmas Eve when I was at work from ten to four and then sweating my ass off at church (eye roll) and then at our family celebrations until eleven. Nothing budged.

Also, my mother, who has dark, olive skin literally six foundation shades darker than mine, tried it and it was just as invisible on her as it is on me. So it really is shadeless.




make me up: winter wishlist

It’s early November and I’m starting to see my skin transition to its drier winter state. Sadly, I can only escape to warmer weather a few times each winter, so I have to adjust my routine here.

Besides a thicker moisturizer, I’m making other changes. When cooler weather rolls around I’m always looking to get away from the bronzey, breezy summer looks. Here’s what I’m using, or going to if I can escape poverty to buy them:


Naked Ultimate Basics $54

It’s ideal because it’s neutral and matte. I’m really not a huge shimmery eyeshadow user, so it makes more sense to buy these all matte. This palette would also make a great gift!!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream $38 or Supergoop! CC Cream Daily Correct Broad Spectrum 35+ Sunscreen $28

Since it’s drier air, I’m thinking a switch to a more liquid foundation would be ideal. During the summer, I barely wore foundation. I was usually going natural with a touch of the original BareMinerals powder to prevent grease. But, I’d love to try the ItCosmetics or Supergoop versions.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish $33

Surprisingly, I’ve never tried a MAC Mineralize. I’m looking to get a highlighter that’s a little more versatile than my Becca ones, which I think are more suited for summertime tans and heavier makeup. I’m not sure if I want one in a more bronze color or a highlighter shade, though. I don’t wear blush, so a pink wouldn’t be an option. (Here’s a helpful article on the uses for Mineralize!)

Leave a comment if you want my Venmo/address for buying any of these. Thanks a million!




make me up: a brush trick

As many of you know, I’m a makeup addict. I live to buy new makeup products, brushes, and tools, and if I have a quiet night at home, I’m going to squeeze in a chance to try something out on myself.

Quality makeup is expensive, though. And the proper tools to apply it with can be even more expensive. Considering that I wear eyeliner almost every day, whether it’s a kohl, pencil, gel, or liquid- I don’t discriminate. Must be blackish brown, though- I was running through eyeliner brushes fast.

I don’t necessarily think that the issue laid within the brushes, which ranged from BareMinerals to Sephora to Smashbox, and their quality. I used them so frequently, quickly, and harshly that I really wasn’t taking care of them. Since I didn’t want to start, I ran to Target for a solution.

Now, I just pick up these e.l.f. eyeliner brushes for $1.00 each at Target or online. I never feel guilty about using them to really smudge or blend liner, they do a good job for the price, and I don’t have to clean a single one over and over. However, if I have a photo-heavy special occasion, I will still whip out my favorite high-end brushes to get the perfect liner. But for every day, these are a huge score.

St. Peter? Do you hear me? This should be my ticket to Heaven.



make me up: charcoal masks

As a makeup junkie, I haven’t been blind to the recent trend that is charcoal masks. I’ve had a few friends and many magazines and blogs recommend them, and now I’m really interested.

Sephora, my beauty destination of choice, has had a ton coming in lately. A simple search turns up twenty plus. 

I actually tried this mask as a Sephora sample and even blogged about it way back when and even farther back when. Clinique is a brand I trust and that’s worked for me for years, so I’m happy to send business their way. I really liked the exfoliation and the general cleanliness I was left with, but I’m curious to try it again for $25.20 full size.

Although I love Clinique, I’m happier to send business towards my aunt, a Beautycounter rep. I mentioned trying this on my early fall wishlist and haven’t gotten around to it yet, so I might as well try. It’s more expensive at $45, but Beautycounter is composed of safer ingredients and less toxins.

While the aforementioned two products are my main contenders if I were to join the charcoal mask trend, I also am interested in Boscia’s Pore Purifying Black Strips for $28 and their Luminizing Black Mask for $34. Yes To and Biore also make drugstore options which would be fun to try too!




make me up: mac angel

If you know me, you know I’m a makeup fiend. If you know me even better, you know I’m also a MAC addict. After getting a compliment on it at a concert the other night and LOVING how it looked in the Instagram I posted from the night, I knew I had to spotlight this shade.

MAC Angel is naturally, simply beautiful. For me, the shade is pretty close to my natural lip color, so when I wear it with just one coat and no gloss, it’s an effortless way to just enhance what I have. But, it works on multiple skin tones and you can layer a variety of different glosses or lipglasses with it.

When I first bought it, the MAC saleswoman described it as a light pink with bluish mauve undertones. I really see the blue when I wear it, and I think it helps make my teeth look whiter.

Compared to other pinks, it’s rather subdued. I love it for both everyday wear with natural, five minute faces and with smokier, heavier eyes. A comparison pic below highlights it next to a bunch of other MAC shades, and, generally, it’s very similar to MAC Creme Cup.

Like all MAC lipsticks I’ve tried, Angel goes on flawlessly and stays put well. The color payoff is excellent and I haven’t once gotten it on my teeth. (I hope?!) And, for $17 at Nordstrom, it’s not as expensive as other designer or higher end options.

I’d recommend this, too, as a great place to start if you’re just beginning to use lipsticks or makeup in general. It’s a timeless, natural-looking pink at a decent price with rave reviews and a cult following, so pull the trigger!



skincare for summer

Since I am blue-eyed and also have a history of skin cancer in my family, skin health has been a huge part of my life from a young age. Especially as I watch my mother, bless her heart, age, I’m realizing just how detrimental the sun and other elements can be and also how far preventative and direct actions can go.

With summer coming up, I think it’s critical to get a skincare refresher and just remind everyone: WEAR SUNSCREEN. Even if you are the most olive-skinned person alive and have never gotten a sunburn before, your skin will still benefit from sunscreen. I’ve outlined a little bit of my thoughts on tanning both in the sun and by yourself– plus just how much a tan can change your look– in the past, but I think it’s worth revisiting.

Below is a great infographic on what sunscreen does and is as well as a few other tips.

If you’re looking to read into the effects of sun damage and safety a little more, there’s a great post from The Stripe here, although I must add that the author is not a doctor or professional, but worked with Pond’s for a year, so keep that in mind (not discrediting her work in any way, just want to verify that it isn’t directly from a medical professional!)and an American Academy of Dermatology article to read too.

Of course, if all else fails, don a floppy hat a la Olivia Munn or Rachel Zoe & Skyler!


Happy Friday!




In Adam Selman’s Spring/Summer 2015 show, freckles were drawn on models with kohl pencils, shadow, or custom products. In the last half decade or so, it’s nothing new, as Rachel Comey did it in Spring 2010 and an assortment of others joined her. According to refinery29, makeup artist Val Garland used MAC pencils to add youthful, natural-looking freckles to models at Preen.

To me, freckles mean more than an addition to a summery ensemble, like Preen did at London Fashion Week. While I am both pale and of Irish heritage, I don’t have an immediate smattering on my face. It takes a few days of consistent sunshine to bring them out. Eventually, they’ll dot my arms and the bridge of my nose. I love the initial stages, when they’re so small that you have to really get up close to see them.

Whether we’re talking light sprinklings of freckles like mine, or extensive coverage, I happen to believe that freckles are stunning either way.

With that, I’m off to go get some sun.