about me

Since you’re all dying to know, here’s a little bit about the bitch behind the blog:

I’m a Gemini.

Painfully average height of 5’6″. 120 on a good day.

Blue eyed and fair-ish until I get a little color.

Also 100% not ashamed to say I am a perpetual neat freak and organization whore.

One of those insane people that tries to be tan all year round.

I love iced coffee, the color black, boys with dark hair, Tumblr, perfect makeup, the East coast, tennis, and lab puppies.

I’ve definitely been called heartless and bossy a few times in my life, but I am also loyal and incredibly witty. I can talk my way out of a paper bag and I’m a naturally loud person.

To those of you that aren’t scared of me yet, go read some of my posts.




2 thoughts on “about me

    1. Thank you! I try to be an open book as much as I can (you know, without revealing, like, my actual identity!) and I really appreciate your comments. Hopefully you will like what you read!


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