gilmore girls

I mentioned after That ’70s Show¬†and Friday Night Lights that I started a new show.

And that show, praytell, is GILMORE GIRLS!

Basic, yes. But a drag, no. I thought I’d hate the cute mother-daughter dynamic and kitschy town but I actually really love it. It’s a feel good show that’s easy to watch.

Right now, I’m on season three, so please don’t spoil anything. And, speaking of spoilers, there are some below. Read with caution.

So far, I love Emily, Rory, Richard, Christopher, Luke, Jess, Madeline, Louise, Paris, Lane, and Miss Patty.

I didn’t/don’t love Dean, Max, Taylor, Sookie, Tristan, Mrs. Kim, and Kirk.

I love the small town dynamic. Everyone knows everyone, which reminds me of the town I grew up in.

Season one was great. Season two I loved just as much, but the ending- fuck you, Christopher- killed me. Season three has been a little slower for me, but I die for the Jess vs. Dean rivalry. And, yes, I’m Team Jess. In my opinion, Dean is the guy Rory thinks she should date. She’s combining everyone’s expectations into one six-foot-something teenager. He also is too small town for her, especially considering her college and career aspirations. Jess, on the other hand, actually shares interests with her. They both read, mercilessly mock their parents and or guardians, and have an itch to leave Stars Hollow.

I have a few questions, though:

  1. How has Rory not gone any farther than make out with Dean or Jess? I know Dean’s innocent and possibly gay, but it seems unrealistic.
  2. How are Lorelai and Rory so thin after eating ice cream, pancakes, and burgers 24/7?
  3. Why is everything with




christmas confessions

I absolutely love Christmas. But it’s a lot. Come December 26th, or, actually, nine p.m. on December 25th, I’m ready for a break.

This season has had me incredibly busy and doing some weird stuff to keep a facade of perfect red and green happiness up. These are my Christmas themed confessions:

I hate elves. I think the concept of an elf, a tiny person with an adult voice and a job and pointy ears, is so fucking weird and creepy. Unfortunately, Polar Express and their old man-looking elves did this for me. Other than that, it’s a great movie.

Traditions are the best thing ever. But, as I mentioned yesterday, we’re thinking of maybe going West next year to change things up. I hate to say it, but family things are getting a little stale.

Christmas church makes me want to die. I hate that everyone who literally only comes on Christmas and Easter is there and it’s packed. I hate that there are always like eight screaming children per row. I would much rather skip.

I also think that ugly sweater parties are overdone. They were funny the first two years people did them, but now I think it’s beating a dead horse. If I were invited to one with a really fun crowd, though, of course I’d go. It’s just not my favorite.

You might not know that I absolutely hate surprises. I know, it’s really weird. But it means that I can’t deal with opening presents on Christmas morning. Naturally, I snooped and found over half of my gifts before they were wrapped ūüôā



P.S. Read my other confession here. It’s a weird one, maybe moreso than this one.


make me up: laura mercier powder

Technically, it’s called Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, but we’ll shorten it for conversation’s sake. It’s $38 at Sephora.¬†

This powder came with excellent reviews from friends, blogs, and the Sephora website, on which it was ranked 4.5 stars. I needed a powder that was, well, translucent, because I sometimes needed a setting powder that’s not my BareMinerals, which is a foundation, colored-to-me powder.

I particularly like this product for my T-zone, which can get oily, and undereyes. I haven’t noticed it clinging to any dry spots if it comes across them, which is something I’d read complaints about.

I have to plug it for extra staying power¬†for Laura Mercier’s translucent powder especially when paired with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Spray. It’s easy, it doesn’t smell, and it keeps everything in place. I had the Laura and Urban Decay combination on on Christmas Eve when I was at work from ten to four and then sweating my ass off at church (eye roll) and then at our family celebrations until eleven. Nothing budged.

Also, my mother, who has dark, olive skin literally six foundation shades darker than mine, tried it and it was just as invisible on her as it is on me. So it really is shadeless.



merry christmas

Just like last year, I want to pop in and say Merry Christmas to you and yours. It’s been a whirlwind of a December, but I made it through. As of two days ago, I was missing presents for all of my immediate family members and had wrapped nothing. A few late nights sitting alone on my living room floor with bows, glitter, ribbon, and paper solved all of that.

Last night was Christmas Eve with my dad’s family. I still love it after fifteen plus years of the same exact thing. At ten this morning, we had cinnamon buns, coffee, and mimosas, and opened presents with just¬†us. It was laid back and perfect before we see my mom’s side of the family today.

This year is going to bring so much change. I’m moving out, my brother’s most likely moving to Texas, and who knows what will happen with my parents. Even though it seems like we might need to cling to the traditions more than ever, we all have this weird urge to do something different.

So maybe Christmas 2017 in Vail, Asheville, Denver, or Charleston? We’ll see.

Happy holidays from me to you. And Karl.




four days before christmas

Four days before the best holiday of the year- I know I’m a summer girl, but I really do love it- and I’ve barely listened to any Christmas music.

I still have to buy gifts for my brother and parents- the three people whose gifts actually matter the most.

I still have yet to wrap a single present.

I haven’t decorated my room.

I have been working a ton, though, and keeping my grades up. I really haven’t been home a lot, which explains my failure to be in the spirit.

I think this Christmas has been a lot different for many reasons. One, it’s my last one really at home, and I’m trying to soak it all up while also not getting overly emotional about it. I’m so excited to move on, but the thought of not being home to put up the tree and bake cookies, basically letting go of all those little traditions that made up my childhood, is sad. ¬†I feel like I’m distancing myself from them now before I have to be hundreds of miles away next year. Two, working retail sucks the magic out of Christmas. Even though I love my job,¬†it shoves Christmas music and all things red and green down my throat. And I’ve wrapped every other person in this town’s presents except for mine. And three, every year I age a little more, and with aging comes a little less wonder at Christmas. It’s sad to think about, but, really, a lot of Christmas is for little kids.

Even though that sounded like I hate Christmas, I really don’t. Tonight, I think I’ll go get some hot chocolate and drive around looking at lights. Even if I am alone. And I’m going to get those four God damned gifts and wrap them before I forget.

On the plus side, though, my ‘holiday’ Pinterest board has been looking dope since about August. Here’s some eye candy.

[via ourunexpectedjourney.tumbl
It’s one of the best weeks of the year, everyone. Live it up!




why instagram needs an untag feature

In, like, 2004, the age of uploading digital camera or Coolpix or Blackberry photos to Facebook, there was nothing better than combing through photos the morning after a night out or big event.

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, there was always an out if you got tagged in a duck face photo you looked fat in or a snapshot with a bottle of Absolut you didn’t want your nosy aunt to see.

I was not remotely near partying age when that was a thing, though. I still appreciate Facebook’s little shortcut to remove myself from any pictures I hate or don’t want on my timeline. But I am of partying age now, and I need Instagram to have an untag feature now.

Off the top of my head right now, sitting completely separate from my phone, I can think of at least two pictures I want to untag myself from on Instagram. I hate that I have to contact whoever posted the pic to get my name off of it. In fact, the thought of texting my spring formal date from last year that I used to be in love with to ask him to untag me from his post is repulsive.

I just really don’t understand how Instagram has added live stream, story, direct message, and zoom features¬†but no untagging. Is this some kind of sick joke?

This beautiful creature probably wouldn’t use the untag feature, but I 100% would.




10 rules for every gentleman

As I’ve said before, I grew up in a very conservative, traditional household. I was expected to act like a lady and my brother was expected to be a gentleman. Call me old-fashioned for saying this, but, lately, I’ve seen a decrease in the amount of chivalrous behavior. Maybe it’s where I’m living, or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s 2016, but this disturbs me.

Because I know there are sooooo many parents that read here, I thought I’d share what I think every little boy should grow up hearing:

  1. Open the door for everyone, but especially females.
  2. Never let a girl walk home alone.
  3. Introduce yourself with a smile and a firm handshake.
  4. Don’t get in fistfights.
  5. Follow through on your promises.
  6. Stand when a woman or a superior enters the room.
  7. Be a good sport.
  8. Always tip, and do it well.
  9. Walk on the outside of the sidewalk when you’re with a girl.
  10. Every girl is someone’s daughter.

Be one of the good guys, like Kelso Ashton.