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As I’ve done previously, here and here, sometimes I like to share cool articles, photos, or sites I stumble upon. It’s also a nice place to store these links since I hate few things more than a crammed Bookmarks bar.

For once, it would be just fair if any supermodel exposed old, bad pictures. I was originally excited to see Gigi Hadid’s prom pics, thinking they’d be a pre-transformation throwback with braces, ugly jeans, or something. Nope. They are beautiful, and they are on Harper’s Bazaar. 

Regardless of your political affiliation, I think we all can agree that Joe Biden used to be a looker. I saw these pictures in a tweet recently and tears almost rolled from my eyes. I can’t find the specific tweet to embed, but the caption was, “I would text young Joe Biden at 1:20 a.m.”

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my deep love for the southwest vinaigrette dressing at Moe’s. With a little Googling I found a copycat recipe from another blog (shouts), and I’ll report back if I try it.

PSA: 10 Things I Hate About You is on Netflix!!!!!! I’m so excited I might die. I’ve already watched it twice this month and I might make it three tonight. Here’s a complete list of November additions. I’m excited about the Jungle Book coming out on November 30th!

I hadn’t heard of the Fallen Heroes Project until this week, and, wow, I am amazed. An artist, Michael G. Reagan, has devoted his life to drawing each fallen soldier for free. He’s done this for thirteen years so far. Isn’t that absolutely inspiring? Talk about service and selflessness.

Speaking of service and selflessness, I apologize for not posting anything on Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all of our brave men and women over the decades who have served in any capacity and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety. You deserve more than just a day to be remembered.




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