make me up: a brush trick

As many of you know, I’m a makeup addict. I live to buy new makeup products, brushes, and tools, and if I have a quiet night at home, I’m going to squeeze in a chance to try something out on myself.

Quality makeup is expensive, though. And the proper tools to apply it with can be even more expensive. Considering that I wear eyeliner almost every day, whether it’s a kohl, pencil, gel, or liquid- I don’t discriminate. Must be blackish brown, though- I was running through eyeliner brushes fast.

I don’t necessarily think that the issue laid within the brushes, which ranged from BareMinerals to Sephora to Smashbox, and their quality. I used them so frequently, quickly, and harshly that I really wasn’t taking care of them. Since I didn’t want to start, I ran to Target for a solution.

Now, I just pick up these e.l.f. eyeliner brushes for $1.00 each at Target or online. I never feel guilty about using them to really smudge or blend liner, they do a good job for the price, and I don’t have to clean a single one over and over. However, if I have a photo-heavy special occasion, I will still whip out my favorite high-end brushes to get the perfect liner. But for every day, these are a huge score.

St. Peter? Do you hear me? This should be my ticket to Heaven.




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