what to wear: black jeans

In Florida this past week, I was in Zara for the first time and randomly noticed a glaring black hole in my wardrobe. I didn’t have a halfway decent pair of black jeans.

I actually do own a pair, but they’re much thicker and more like a ponte knit. They worked great for professional occasions and days with intense cold, but beyond that, they didn’t really work with any casual tops. After a quick poll from my friends, who almost all agreed that they wear black jeans (that are truly denim and not more of a dressier pant like my previous ones) a ton, I decided to get a pair at Zara.

The kicker is that I accidentally lost my receipt and already removed the tags + washed my pair, so I don’t know the exact style. I’m pretty sure it’s either this pair or this pair that is a little more forgiving. Both are under $50, both have silver accents and none of the dreadful pocket designs I hate, and both are without rips. My pair passed my jeans dressing room test and were comfortable through bending down, stretching, and walking without budging. So far, I love them, and you can’t beat the price.

How I went this long without them I will never know. How to style black jeans and not look goth is to come!




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