reads ii

In December, I listed a few useful and interesting links I’d stumbled across on the Internet, hence the post’s title, reads. From the start, I intended to keep the installment running monthly, but I felt more drawn to original content.

But sometimes I find articles, infographics, opinion pieces, etc. that are just too good not to share. Or, I want to remember them without cluttering my Bookmarks bar.

I know everyone and their mother’s obsessed with Margot Robbie because of Suicide Squad, which I did see and like, but I’ll white knight myself and say that I really have liked her since The Wolf of Wall Street. Similar to 73 Questions, Harper’s Bazaar’s ’24 Hours With’ series is a fun look into an actress’s real day. And Margot, I love my Burt’s Bees too. It’s the bee’s knees. (Oh my God, someone tranquilize me.)

Though I haven’t posted anything home related in a while, I’m constantly taking in style inspiration for the home. I follow a ton of interior designers on social media and am planning on sharing those soon. This article from Huffington Post is great input from six designers on what to splurge and save on.

Usually, Town & Country is my airy read for the day. But I actually found myself sucked into and I dare say enriched by their article, 170 Things That Have Stood the Test of Time. How many do you own? My noted favorites were Bean boots, monograms, college football, the Kennedys, and blondes, of course. Danbury Prison was an iconic, snarky addition.

The STREET STYLE PLATFORM tumblr continues to inspire me. I pop in every once in a while and am always pleasantly surprised at what people are wearing. The blog is based in Europe but it features outfits from all over, and includes a lot of celebrities too.


Looking over my last reads post reminded me how much I used to read Maskcara, and I just went to her site . The re-do is gorgeous and she is involved in foster care now, which seems like it suits her because she is the cutest, most genuine beauty blogger ever. I might just have to try her IIID foundation sometime too!

Happy Thursday. Almost there.





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