lilly pulitzer sale

I love nothing more than privileged white women fighting over material things, so naturally, I also love Black Friday, sample sales, and the mecca of all: the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Event.

This year, it ran from August 22nd to August 23rd, and things sold out in record time. I ended up with three things, which I forgot to share last week. In the spirit of full disclosure, though, I’ll admit that I’m not a mega Lilly fan. I don’t own throw pillows designed by them, I don’t hashtag my posts with #Resort365, I don’t spend ungodly amounts of money just to get a beach ball or another gift with purchase equally as disappointing, and I don’t really wear any of her items besides easy dresses and skirts, though I’d love to try a romper. I find myself pulling out my favorite skirts/skorts probably six or seven times each summer for outdoor events, usually by the water.

I opened up the site at probably nine a.m.-ish on the 22nd and was met with about a forty minute wait. I didn’t mind, but I definitely should’ve scoped out what I wanted and what regular prices were before I bought.

Frivolous as they are, I couldn’t resist at least one cosmetic bag. I have a makeup bag addiction. No pouch, from a gold leather number from Anthro to Kylie’s own to the more classic Lilly, is rendered useless under my ownership. Even if I don’t use it, I can throw a gift card or some makeup and polish in for a gift. (Make It Cosmetic Case in “Multi Dripping in Jewels”, $19)

From May on, I live for easy skirts like this one for family dinners, Church functions, and casual internship days. Plus, the cut and colors are extremely flattering on tan legs. Usually I wouldn’t go for such bright tones as seen on the left, but Lilly Pulitzer is already bright, so why not go all the way? Stupidly, I bought the right because I somehow forgot that one of my favorite Lilly skorts I already have is pink, green, and white. Shit. But it doesn’t have pineapples and that’s enough for me to get a similar one. (Jasmine Skirt in “Don’t Give a Cluck, Flamingo Pink” $39,and Tate Skirt, $39)

They still haven’t come in yet, but I’m not worried. Their customer service is always excellent and it’s a nice surprise in the mail. But the name “Don’t Give a Cluck, Flamingo Pink”? Kill me.




healthy strawberry muffins

Almost two weeks have past and I’ve posted nothing. Yikes. Let’s chalk it up to just enjoying the end of summer, okay? But coming back with my second-ever recipe is an accomplishment, so it evens out. (The first one was my favorite chocolate cake!)

I first found this recipe on Pinterest over a year ago and finally got around to trying it last week. It’s from Dashing Dish, and the full recipe is on their website. They’re called strawberry shortcake muffins, but I didn’t find them as sweet or decadent as true strawberry shortcake so it felt more natural to just call them healthy strawberry muffins.

I actually did take photos of my finished product, but my muffins did not look nearly as good as these. For the sake of your own eyes, used to the glitter, gorgeous clothes, and pretty people I feature here, I’ll use someone else’s photo.

Instead of copy-pasting or retyping the whole recipe, you can just view it on Dashing Dish.  I thought it would be far more useful to share my tips and observations from this easy recipe:

  • Leave your KitchenAid in the pantry. This basically only requires a mixing bowl and a blender, which I liked a lot. Less cleanup = less wasted time.
  • In case you’re like me and can’t quickly convert ounces to cups, I used nearly two 5.3 oz Greek yogurts and that was enough to fill my measuring cup.
  • With an older blender, all my old-fashioned oats were not nearly pulverized. This made almost whole oats visible in the muffins, and it gave it a heartier texture, so keep that in mind if you want your batter to be smooth like the pics.
  • I did not have Stevia or another sweetener, so I used plain old white sugar and it worked out fine.
  • As the recipe suggests, I would definitely advise putting extra diced strawberries on the top of each muffin for that extra pop of color.
  • Definitely do follow the instructions to use foil liners with the paper removed. They would’ve been glued to paper, so I’m glad I listened.
  • Again, this may be a product of how un-blended my oats were, but I found that only 25 minutes, not 30-35, worked to bake them all through.

See? I promise I don’t only eat chopped salads, breakfast food, and Chick-fil-A.



adult nights made easy

With a huge interview tomorrow morning- eleven a.m. folks, pray for me- I feel like I’m having such a distinctly adult night right now.

On top of that tomorrow morning, I worked today and then finished the day answering emails, putting things on poshmark, and paying bills. Ew. Considering that I’ve spent recent nights with ice cream, boys, a bottle of Smirnoff, and a lot of regrets, to say I’ve been having a very grown up night would be an understatement.

When I’m feeling old and overly responsible, I need to relax. I’ve come up with a simple guide to wind down after a full day of adulting, certified by yours truly.

  1. A Soundtrack: Music is crucial to setting the mood. Personally, I put on the Mamma Mia music to motivate me as I was paying bills. It helped slightly. If you’re going for more relaxed vibe, press play on a Spotify chill playlist or your favorite acoustics. I would NOT recommend throwbacks, which will only make you feel older.
  2. A Hot Shower: Exfoliator and all, this is key. Nothing helps me unwind from a full day of being accountable for real activities more than a steamy rinse. Break out the salon products, exfoliate, and take time to moisturize.
  3. A Little Fresh Air: Hear me out. I’m not saying you have to run six miles before bed, but I do find that even sitting on the porch for a few minutes centers me a little bit. Consider eating or dragging your laptop outside. At the very least, spend five minutes outside with your pup(s).

Speaking of Mamma Mia, Pierce Brosnan: What a DILF. Maybe even a GILF if he’s of age.

Please note that I didn’t include anything about prepping (i.e. making a lunch, rinsing fruit, laying out an outfit) for the day ahead because I hope to the sweet Lord above that you’re not expected to do real adult things for a whole two days in a row. Fuck that.



what to wear: skirts for fall

Without revealing too much about where I am and what I do right now, I find myself wearing a lot of skirts, from super-casual minis to more professional options.

Just for you, I rounded up my current favorites and wishlist skirts for the upcoming season. They’re all under $100 because I’m poor budgeting.

Here’s the ones I have my eyes on for fall:

what to wear: skirts for fall


Clearly the fall classics, olive, camel, black, and suede fabrics, are in. Continuing the 70s trend that summer 2016 seemed to love, fringe and lace-up are also big.
I’ll definitely be buying the J. Crew Factory faux suede skirts. I can’t get enough of the simple silhouette and classic camel. Both the navy and camel are $47.50 right now, but I’ll probably wait until I get another email code. FYI: I also saw a lot more professional items in their other skirts, so give those a look if you have an internship or big girl job to head to soon. Also, a bit trendier, I love the Topshop military green wrap skirt, which is $68 at Nordstrom, and their lace-up option that’s a little less green for $48. Of course, I had to include at least one black option (as we all know, I love a good all-black ensemble), and I found a fringed one at Revolve that’s only $37. I’m picturing it with a silk cami, nude heels or high booties, and a Y-chain necklace.

what to wear: summer nails

Yesterday I covered the end-all, be-all for neutral nails, so, naturally, I’m back today with my go-to summer shade. Of course, I don’t get this color every.single.time I get a manicure or do my nails between May and September, but it’s what I always revert back to if I’m in a rush or don’t know what color I want.

China Glaze’s Sneaker Head is the perfect summer shade for me. It’s a reddish pink that’s pretty bright after two coats, but not neon-ish.

In natural light, it shows as more pink as it does in the picture below. In lower light, it’s more red like the above picture.

I’m usually not a fan of China Glaze polishes, but I can never find anything quite like the color, so I’m kind of a convert. Honestly, though, I find that the quality is fine, so long as I use a decent top coat (I like Seche Vite). Because it’s darker, two coats does the job just fine for me.

My grandmother, a darling eighty-eight year old who has gotten her nails done every week for as long as I can remember, always said that you can’t go wrong getting nude or red polish. So, my summer shade is a decent red, but not apple-ish enough to feel Christmasy or dark enough to be wintry.

I can’t recommend Sneaker Head enough, as much as the name reminds me of something a disgruntled FootLocker employee would deem themselves. Try it and let me know how you like it.



what to wear: neutral nails

I have found an end-all, be-all neutral nail shade and I am ready to share it with the world. Behold OPI’s Bubble Bath.

I’ve been wearing this color for probably more than three years now. Somehow, it’s slipped through the cracks and I’ve never blogged about it, but better late than never, no? Plus, after going through two bottles (that I can remember… I’m sure that, between my mother and I, there’s more), which never happens, I’m a decently accredited authority on this color.

It’s the perfect neutral that’s just pinky enough without screaming PINK! A reputable manicure will leave you with a non-streaky nail like the ones below. As the picture shows, it reminds me of being a little cloud colored, with some pink and grey undertones.

On darker skin tones I find that it can look a little more pink, but even my more olive-skinned friends agree it’s a solid nude.

One coat offers a perfectly sheer haze on boring, natural nails, and two shows up as more like the photos above. As with all OPI polishes I’ve used, the texture remains smooth and easy to apply until the very last drop, so long as the lid is screwed on tightly when you’re not using it.

Bubble Bath is simply a go-to for anyone. I frequently use it when I need to be professional or when I just don’t know what color to use, my mother is a huge fan for effortless-looking manicures, and even my grandmother, who’s eighty-seven, bless her heart, likes it when she’s not using her traditional red.

There’s a reason it has a cult following. It really is that good.



1am thoughts iii

By now, you should know the drill. Every so often, I make a point of jotting down all the things that really eat me up and keep me up at 1am, but often much later. I had a little procedure today that resulted in me having 10 stitches on my abdomen (boohiss), so my worries have been consumed with that along with summer ending (boohiss x1000). If you want to validate how much of a psychopath I am, read parts i and ii too.

  • I hope said procedure doesn’t leave a scar. How am I supposed to look good at Labor Day lake parties with a scar?!!!?!?
  • Oh God. I won’t be able to work out for like a week because of the stitches. God damn it.
  • Actually, a break from the gym, because I’ve been going sooooo hard lately, would be nice.
  • I hope Harambe went to Heaven.
  • I feel so.fucking.old. all of a sudden and no amount of eye cream is helping.
  • What if I never finish the 2932394823 things I need to do at work before the fall?
  • Shit, I forgot to email and say I can’t come in on Tuesday.
  • Let’s hope my mother’s creeper ex boyfriends stop liking my Facebook pics. Ugh.
  • It’s so annoying that I still haven’t found window treatments for my room. I need to check again.
  • It’s even more annoying that I’m home from the beach.
  • Would I be judged if I reblogged that “brown eyes are just brown eyes till you love someone with brown eyes” Tumblr post?
  • I miss our beach friends so much.
  • I’m never going to find a guy that can tolerate my BS or fund my lifestyle (ha, kidding.)
  • Did I leave my straightener on when I went out last Thursday?
  • Do you think it left a little burn on my carpet?
  • How the hell did the couple in the pic below balance while taking that?
  • Are they moving? It looks pretty choppy.

Fortunately, most of the things that keep me up at night are trivial, minute first world problems. I realize that, and I’m very grateful.

But seriously, where did Harambe’s body go/Is he okay in the afterlife!?