on being happy for everyone else

Right now, I’m in a crazily fast-paced stage of life. Everyone’s getting acceptance letters, taking prestigious jobs or internships, traveling the world, celebrating anniversaries, running marathons, and diving into exciting new relationships.

If you’re single, not doing as well as you’d hoped in your career or education, or otherwise a little discouraged, it’s way too easy to be jealous of people who are doing big- or even small!-things. Even I, a model, philanthropist, and genetically perfect human being, often side with enviousness. It’s really hard not to.

I especially find this true with relationships. If I’m being frank, this summer has kind of sucked as far as men go. Each anniversary post I scroll past or grudgingly cute hand-holding I witness has me about to concede to the green monster. But, really, being happy for other people, even if you have to plaster a smile on your face when you feel like screaming, is far more constructive and healthy than jealousy could ever be.

(Note: Thank you to my cousin J, who helped me realize this during an hour and a half-long FaceTime session a week ago. ily.) I’m converted after J had told me about a rendezvous she had with a gentleman, let’s call him N, on the Fourth of July. N, whose family vacations in the same complex we stay in, and J met last summer at our annual family lake trip. Instantly, they hit it off. It’s cliché and stupid to say, but I’ll admit she was basically glowing when she was around him. He positively adores her and there was a palpable connection between the two. Then, I really didn’t care what she was up to because I was occupied thanks to the liquor, some good old fashioned family time, and a certain boy from the Lake State. But, this summer, after hearing about their reunion on the 4th, I was getting ready for jealousy to rear its ugly head.

Shocker…. it didn’t. At all. This is one of the first times I can remember being genuinely, wholly happy for a peer (so someone outside of my parents and brother.) Again, it sounds stupid to type, but I just love them and want the best for her. Tonight, I saw him walking her home and they just looked so happy. They looked like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie, or one of those stock images for couples that they use to sell frames- see below. They make me want to believe in real, true love.

Couple Playing Around
[via dailyxy.com]
For as negative a person I am, their relationship has brought so much light into my life. It’s funny, because I usually hate relationships, and this one isn’t even mine!

I love you, N + J. I hope I can reference writing about this when I write the speech I’ll read at your wedding. (Yeah, I’m that convinced that they’re soulmates.)






travel saviors

You. Guys. OMG. I just found the best, easiest, and most inexpensive key to traveling light if you require 39234 products like I do.

I used to buy the assorted set of travel size bottles or rinse out hotel freebies, but I will never go back. $1.19 and you can be as happy as I am about having cute receptacles for my various shampoos, cleansers, toners, conditioners, moisturizers, and the like.

[via target.com]
I picked the white because I’m into ~monochromatic~ options and it’s the only colorway my Target had, but I really like the pink, of course. Either way. The name is “Gravity Feed Wide Mouth Travel Bottle”, and I found them near the travel size and cosmetics area. (I’m four years old because I giggled at the name.)

Anyways, since I left for our annual family beach vacation yesterday, I have travel accessories on the mind. It’s raining today-our first day- so let’s hope it gets better. Boo hiss.



we’re breaking up: grey’s

About a year ago, I started watching the magical, critically-acclaimed television series that is Grey’s Anatomy. I was in love. Nine seasons and about six months later, though, things had changed.

Before I elaborate, let me warn you: there are a ton of spoilers in this post so don’t ruin it for yourself. Beware!

Anyways, I was enthralled. I loved the sexy doctors, hot romances, and twists and turns in every episode. Shonda Rhimes really is phenomenal at what she does. From the start, I had a HUGE crush on Sloan. Of course I think Derek is flawless, but something about Sloan just does it for me. I loved Meredith and Derek’s illicit affair and initial romance. Addison added confidence and an unexpectedness, like those brief hookups with Karev. And Yang was an ideal character for me: a strong female, ambitious, and brilliant, but not without her own issues (Burke!) Jackson was hot and he and April’s craziness was fun and new.

Come season nine, though, and I’ll admit: I stopped watching. At first it was just a little break after the plane crash, Sloan’s death, and the heartbreak of seeing Arizona without legs. But, then, I started- and finished!- That ’70s Show, which was light and funny while being just as touching as Grey’s. Seeing a show that wasn’t making me tear up at every episode or mourn the death of a fictional character was so refreshing. Seriously, I cried a ton when Mark and Lexie died. Without Sloan, whose jawline and sexiness when holding Sofia kept me watching, I was a little lost. With Meredith and Derek’s sneaking around and struggling to adopt Zola, I was a little bored. Without Cristina, I was lacking the sarcastic humor that I once loved. Beyond all that, though, it just started feeling a little dry to me. I was almost used to the tragedies Rhimes loves to throw in come every season finale, and I was tired of watching a show that emotionally wrecked me. I just can’t imagine the show getting better than the first three or so seasons that I really adored.

God, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. Maybe one day I’ll go back to Seattle, but, for now, I’m happy I spend less time ugly crying. And, don’t get me wrong, I loved the seasons that I did watch. It’s a really amazing show with a dynamic, talented cast and a lot of storylines that are very relevant if you’re not a surgeon. I’m just ready for something new. Although, Sloan never gets old:

[via greysmemorial.wordpress.com]
[via theoddysey.com]
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And my favorite couple:

[via fuckyeahmarklexie.tumblr.com]
So, any guesses what I’m watching now? Hint: #33 baby. All the way.




reading list: update ii

After finishing another two books from my reading list, which I posted way back in January and you can read here, I owe you another update. Both of the two books I read this past weekend, and I would highly recommend both, though they’re vastly different.

[via amazon.com]
In a beautiful way, DVF honors her and all the people, from her childhood friends to fabric makers nestled in the villages of Italy, that have made her life and career memorable. The book is nothing short of inspiring, glamorous, and elegant, just like her. The book starts by recounting her mother’s wisdom and experience as a concentration camp prisoner in Auschwitz, which was fascinating to read about. I had no idea that she married into royalty and led such an adventurous life, even into her later years. She doesn’t glaze over anything in her life, and I greatly admire the honesty and transparency she put to work there. Admitting her mistakes and failures in career, parenting, and relationships made me like her even more. Organization-wise, the book isn’t ordered chronologically, but rather is divided into lengthy chapters about her roots, love, family, and work, to name a few. I thought I’d miss a chronologically ordered memoir/autobiography, but I didn’t at all.

[via wikipedia.org]
The Girl on the Train really was a thriller, just like all the acclaimed reviews and Goodreads discussions boasted. I was hooked on Rachel, Anna, and Megan’s story from the first chapter. The three aforementioned women take turns narrating the story, which I originally disliked but grew to love because of the multi-dimensional way it looks at the central mystery of the story. And, the timeline can be confusing, but it all wraps up nicely so long as you pay attention to the each chapter’s subtitles because they share the time and date. Be warned, though, that it is a bit spooky at points, so I’d be careful reading alone at night if you’re like me, both an insomniac and a baby. At the very least, it’s an interesting look into the minds of three women who are incredibly lost and insecure, for wildly different yet tangibly intertwined reasons, and the men who make them so. Though I’m usually not a thriller or mystery reader, I appreciated the triple narration and the pace of the book.

Hope I gave you some new book recs… or at the very least, things to stack on your desk and look nice recs. We’ve all been there.



pray for nice

I know I’m two days late, but I just wanted to repost #PrayForNice. My heart is heavy to hear about yet another tragedy in this crazy, unfair, messed up world.

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If you haven’t already, please pray for or think about the victims of this devastating massacre, along with their families. If you have been, please continue to do so. If you’re just trying to make some sort of sense out of ALL of today’s horrific events in both the world and our country, know that many, including myself, are right there with you.

Hopefully one day I won’t have to post any #PrayFor notices. Hopefully one day peace will reign and the news won’t always be bad.



make me up: mac angel

If you know me, you know I’m a makeup fiend. If you know me even better, you know I’m also a MAC addict. After getting a compliment on it at a concert the other night and LOVING how it looked in the Instagram I posted from the night, I knew I had to spotlight this shade.

MAC Angel is naturally, simply beautiful. For me, the shade is pretty close to my natural lip color, so when I wear it with just one coat and no gloss, it’s an effortless way to just enhance what I have. But, it works on multiple skin tones and you can layer a variety of different glosses or lipglasses with it.

When I first bought it, the MAC saleswoman described it as a light pink with bluish mauve undertones. I really see the blue when I wear it, and I think it helps make my teeth look whiter.

[via themistymom.com]
Compared to other pinks, it’s rather subdued. I love it for both everyday wear with natural, five minute faces and with smokier, heavier eyes. A comparison pic below highlights it next to a bunch of other MAC shades, and, generally, it’s very similar to MAC Creme Cup.

[via ysislorena.com]
Like all MAC lipsticks I’ve tried, Angel goes on flawlessly and stays put well. The color payoff is excellent and I haven’t once gotten it on my teeth. (I hope?!) And, for $17 at Nordstrom, it’s not as expensive as other designer or higher end options.

I’d recommend this, too, as a great place to start if you’re just beginning to use lipsticks or makeup in general. It’s a timeless, natural-looking pink at a decent price with rave reviews and a cult following, so pull the trigger!



lazy day

After a concert last night and a few drinks with my cousin before she leaves in the fall, I’m feeling a little lazy today. I wasn’t working or interning, so I hung out with the dogs, got some sun, and went to the gym.

So, I basically just thought I’d pop in with a few updates and good things that people who are less lazy than me have done. You don’t have to tell me how great I am, I know.

[via lyst.com]
  • I don’t know why, and I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I fucking hate Jennifer Garner. Something about her just infinitely annoys me, even though I love Ben. So I was less than pleased to hear that their divorce may not be off, according to USWeekly and other sources.
  • Speaking of celebrities, I don’t know if it’s still updated, but Suri’s Burn Book, a Tumblr dedicated to ripping on celebrities of all ages and walks of life, is hilarious. It’s actually a book now too! Suri and I share a hatred for Jen Garner. Love it.
  • Since I wore a choker last night, I thought I’d share this gem from Pinterest. In case you ever have to order a necklace online, it’s very helpful to visualize without getting a ruler  (only peasants use manual measurement).

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That’s enough of mailing it in for this post. I’ll be back soon with better content, hopefully.