hair dilemma

In a true bitch with me style post, I have an issue: I have no idea what to do with my hair. In two weeks, I have to attend a formal, picture-heavy event which I will be attending with a real date. If I can only say I looked good, the night will be a failure. I have to nail this.

For background, I’m wearing an old BB Dakota gem. It’s a pretty coral and I love the halter neckline, which is something different than all of the high neck and wrap top dresses I’ve been seeing. I promise it looks cuter on me than it does on this beautiful but slightly awkward model. I’m pairing it with simple strap nude heels and silver jewelry per my mother’s opinion. Sidenote: I listened to my mother. What is happening to me?!? Am I alive?!?

I’m due for a haircut this week, and I’m looking for a little change. I want to have something that not only looks good for the event, but also will be good for everyday wear. Do I return to my traditional long layers? Do I adjust the color-my hair got way too blonde again in Florida!- or leave it? How much do I cut off?

And that’s just the cut. I don’t have a great blowout bar here like I do at home, and I can’t trust just anyone. Pray that I can sift through Yelp and Google Reviews among group chat recommendations to find a good one. Once I do, though, I’m imaging soft curls or maybe even slight waves to go with the romantic, girly dress. With such a neckline, I would wear my hair up, but it just doesn’t photograph well enough for my liking.

How do these look?

I love the movement, but my hair color isn’t as dark or ombred.

Even though LC can do no wrong in my book, I still love the body here. Obviously, more curls towards the end without my hair becoming a pyramid is the goal.






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