what to wear: palm print

As much as I’m enjoying being a little removed from social media on this getaway, I had to log in to Instagram last night.

My feed flooded with the typical spring and vacation photos- tulips, sunsets, families on decks, views from the bow, couples touring museums and parks. Among all this happiness, though, one thing stuck out: palm print. In just twenty-four hours, two particularly stylish friends, one East Coast and one West Coast, posted a picture in palm print.

I first saw this bold option last year and dismissed it, fearing that it was a one year wonder that would be on the sale racks this year. Nope. I’m seeing more and more of it, on everything from pillows to clutches. It’s available in almost every style and price point, and I’m officially ready to jump aboard.


Thanks to this little Polyvore ditty, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite palm prints. I’m in love with the Mara Hoffman dress in the top. Sydney from Summer Wind wore it beautifully, and I’m thisclose to buying it for myself. I found it at Shopbop for $286. Going clockwise, I also spotted this mesh and palm bikini from Rip Curl on Nordstrom’s website. If you’ve been hitting the gym hard this spring, I’d go for it. For how inexpensive it is, I wouldn’t be upset by the fact that its trendiness might make it short-lived. Perhaps the most subtle and maybe the most modern, the Caseify phone case is one of my favorites too. At $40, you just can’t beat it. And, lastly, for the bold and tall, there’s this amazing Topshop jumpsuit. Personally, I’d wear it with stacked heels and a killer clutch. How amazing would it look with a tan?







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