In Adam Selman’s Spring/Summer 2015 show, freckles were drawn on models with kohl pencils, shadow, or custom products. In the last half decade or so, it’s nothing new, as Rachel Comey did it in Spring 2010 and an assortment of others joined her. According to refinery29, makeup artist Val Garland used MAC pencils to add youthful, natural-looking freckles to models at Preen.

To me, freckles mean more than an addition to a summery ensemble, like Preen did at London Fashion Week. While I am both pale and of Irish heritage, I don’t have an immediate smattering on my face. It takes a few days of consistent sunshine to bring them out. Eventually, they’ll dot my arms and the bridge of my nose. I love the initial stages, when they’re so small that you have to really get up close to see them.

Whether we’re talking light sprinklings of freckles like mine, or extensive coverage, I happen to believe that freckles are stunning either way.

With that, I’m off to go get some sun.




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