long time, no see

Well, wow. Twelve days away from this and I feel like we have decades to catch up on.

My formal went great until a small amount of catastrophe at the end- I’ll explain later. Basically, my life is a joke and I ruined my chances with the Old Favorite, who I did end up asking to this special event. I planned on filling you in, but never quite got around to it.

My friends and I have packed in an incredible amount of fun in the last two weeks. But, in short, I’ve had to do some thinking about who’s really there for me. Talking about me as soon as I leave is something I typically don’t love my friends to do.

Ruining my chances with the Old Favorite, getting a harsh dose of reality from people who I thought were my friends, and, as always, being in the highest highs and the lowest lows with my mother have drained me a lot.

I would normally be crying, but I think people letting you down instead of numbers or outcomes or failed grades is too much for tears. It’s the kind of deep disappointment that sits with you for a while and rocks what you thought you knew.

I wish I could give a concrete date of when I’ll be back, but I refuse to write in a slump and generate poor content. I’ll be back when I’m back.




hair dilemma

In a true bitch with me style post, I have an issue: I have no idea what to do with my hair. In two weeks, I have to attend a formal, picture-heavy event which I will be attending with a real date. If I can only say I looked good, the night will be a failure. I have to nail this.

For background, I’m wearing an old BB Dakota gem. It’s a pretty coral and I love the halter neckline, which is something different than all of the high neck and wrap top dresses I’ve been seeing. I promise it looks cuter on me than it does on this beautiful but slightly awkward model. I’m pairing it with simple strap nude heels and silver jewelry per my mother’s opinion. Sidenote: I listened to my mother. What is happening to me?!? Am I alive?!?

[via lulus.com]
I’m due for a haircut this week, and I’m looking for a little change. I want to have something that not only looks good for the event, but also will be good for everyday wear. Do I return to my traditional long layers? Do I adjust the color-my hair got way too blonde again in Florida!- or leave it? How much do I cut off?

And that’s just the cut. I don’t have a great blowout bar here like I do at home, and I can’t trust just anyone. Pray that I can sift through Yelp and Google Reviews among group chat recommendations to find a good one. Once I do, though, I’m imaging soft curls or maybe even slight waves to go with the romantic, girly dress. With such a neckline, I would wear my hair up, but it just doesn’t photograph well enough for my liking.

How do these look?

[via maneinterest.com]
I love the movement, but my hair color isn’t as dark or ombred.

[via littleglamazone.tumblr.com]
Even though LC can do no wrong in my book, I still love the body here. Obviously, more curls towards the end without my hair becoming a pyramid is the goal.





lulu buys

While I professed my love for Nike some time ago and the same still rings true, it’s official: I’m all aboard the Lululemon bandwagon.

I resisted it for months, only succumbing to buying headbands and their Swiftly Tech short sleeve tees. I’d been putting off using a Christmas gift card, waiting for the perfect sale to come along. If you know me, you’ll know that I was busy spending money at Sephora instead. Oops.

Then, today in store, I saw the most beautiful and unique pair of cropped workout leggings ever: the Var-City crops. Part of my issue with Lululemon was that I felt not a lot of the products were that original, and as a Nike loyalist, I would rather get them there. But, I’ve never seen anything like this pair before, so I went for it.

After trying them on in store thanks to an adorable associate-Lulu sizing is severely fucked up, by the way- and picking up another swiftly tech tee, I was all set.

[via pinterest.com]
[via luluaddict.com]
The sides are a mesh-type material and the bottom has this amazing basket weave pattern. I’m in love!

Here’s to hoping these purchases will get me to the gym more. #BikiniSZN



what to wear: palm print

As much as I’m enjoying being a little removed from social media on this getaway, I had to log in to Instagram last night.

My feed flooded with the typical spring and vacation photos- tulips, sunsets, families on decks, views from the bow, couples touring museums and parks. Among all this happiness, though, one thing stuck out: palm print. In just twenty-four hours, two particularly stylish friends, one East Coast and one West Coast, posted a picture in palm print.

I first saw this bold option last year and dismissed it, fearing that it was a one year wonder that would be on the sale racks this year. Nope. I’m seeing more and more of it, on everything from pillows to clutches. It’s available in almost every style and price point, and I’m officially ready to jump aboard.


Thanks to this little Polyvore ditty, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite palm prints. I’m in love with the Mara Hoffman dress in the top. Sydney from Summer Wind wore it beautifully, and I’m thisclose to buying it for myself. I found it at Shopbop for $286. Going clockwise, I also spotted this mesh and palm bikini from Rip Curl on Nordstrom’s website. If you’ve been hitting the gym hard this spring, I’d go for it. For how inexpensive it is, I wouldn’t be upset by the fact that its trendiness might make it short-lived. Perhaps the most subtle and maybe the most modern, the Caseify phone case is one of my favorites too. At $40, you just can’t beat it. And, lastly, for the bold and tall, there’s this amazing Topshop jumpsuit. Personally, I’d wear it with stacked heels and a killer clutch. How amazing would it look with a tan?







In Adam Selman’s Spring/Summer 2015 show, freckles were drawn on models with kohl pencils, shadow, or custom products. In the last half decade or so, it’s nothing new, as Rachel Comey did it in Spring 2010 and an assortment of others joined her. According to refinery29, makeup artist Val Garland used MAC pencils to add youthful, natural-looking freckles to models at Preen.

To me, freckles mean more than an addition to a summery ensemble, like Preen did at London Fashion Week. While I am both pale and of Irish heritage, I don’t have an immediate smattering on my face. It takes a few days of consistent sunshine to bring them out. Eventually, they’ll dot my arms and the bridge of my nose. I love the initial stages, when they’re so small that you have to really get up close to see them.

Whether we’re talking light sprinklings of freckles like mine, or extensive coverage, I happen to believe that freckles are stunning either way.

[via pinterest.com]
[via manrepeller.com]
[via ko-te.com]
[via glamour.com]
With that, I’m off to go get some sun.