a st. patrick’s day tale

Once upon a time, a stunning, fun young maiden known as instant blonde prepared for her St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. She bought her liquor, detangled her beads, and donned all the green she owned, including a pair of lovely, festive leprechaun socks from her Irish grandmother.

Originally, she’d been excited for the day’s plans: a group pregame at her good friend’s house, catching up with friends from all over town, and then a short cab ride to the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, a local festivity. But then, she discovered that a particularly heinous group of potential suitors were invited to the pregame too.

Per instructions, she arrived earlier than the boys were expected to, and immediately poured herself a large drink, traded beads, and began to swap various green accessories with her friends. One particularly irritating boyfriend was in attendance at that point, but things didn’t get weird until the entire crew showed up. One by one, they sauntered through the door in their pocket tees, Patagonias, and vests, carrying the respective Captain bottles or Bud Light cases.

It was at that moment that she saw him: the ex. Yes, that ex. The one that made for excellent though depressing blog fodder and endless subtweets. Seeing his long wavy hair and his favorite green baseball cap made all the memories rush back and the vodka soda from earlier pulse through her veins. Quickly, though, she decided that it would be best to say hi to all of his friends, get as obliterated as humanly possible, and ignore his presence.

Though the tension between her and her infamous ex was palpable and numerous remarks were made by his jerk bag friends, she narrowly avoided him for the pregame. That is, until the cabs arrived. Of course, it took a while for her to board a cab, as three or four came to the house while she was going to the bathroom with her friends in packs (#typical) and deciding to straighten that pesky piece of hair again. This left one for her, which she happily jumped into, seeing the issue at hand upon shutting the door: the ex. He was in the cab, in the seat directly next to the one left for her. Good.

But wait, she thought. Even in her drunken state, she realized that all three of the remaining cab passengers had also had trysts with the ex. So, not only was she stuck there with the person she least wanted to see, but three other girls he’d gotten with, both during and immediately after their relationship, were also along for the thirty minute ride.

The finale of the story could be recanted, if the lovely maiden in green only remembered the rest of the day.


And that, my friends, is how my St. Patrick’s Day went. Stuck in a cab with my ex and three of the causes of our fights and bitterness and a whole lot of liquor and resentment and the color green.









crush: amy adams

After starting American Hustle this weekend- I say started because I fell asleep not even halfway in the movie- I rediscovered Amy Adams. As a fair skinned, blue-eyed person, I have a soft spot for the Amys of the world.

I adore her natural strawberry blonde hair, old Hollywood glam style, and petite frame. So much so, in fact, that I was even more smitten after reading her Allure cover issue on the beach today.

I could look at her easy elegance and delicate features all day. If you haven’t yet, watch Leap Year, Catch Me If You Can, or American Hustle, as I will be tonight, to see her in action.


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Amy Adams
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[for Vanity Fair, via eonline.com]
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I want to be Amy Adams when I grow up.




From Wednesday to Friday this past week, I’ve been looking for one thing: direction. Looking at potential campuses, towns, and cities for me to move to has been something I’ve looked forward to since October. As I mentioned before, my life is going to be turned upside down in about a year and a half, the crux being that I have no idea where exactly that change is going to take place.

I was imagining coming out of this trip with a clear idea of where I want to be. I imagined being able to tell people, “It looks like I’ll be in _________ next year, I can’t wait!”

It’s occurred to me that having absolutely no sense of direction and a sense of adventure might be a trademark of being young, but maybe I’m not cut out for that. Not knowing where I’ll end up makes me more anxious than my typical worries over running out of toner or being late to a manicure. In some ways, these worries are unfounded because a lot can happen in sixteen to eighteen months. I could fall in love, something could happen in my family, the world could end. But, on the other hand, I also am aware that that’s not a ton of time. I feel like this past twelve months have gone by so fast, so what’s that plus another six months?

Of course, a few things- think jobs, applications, internships, costs, living situations- are going to change some of the factors weighing in. But it won’t change the fact that, ultimately, I’ll have to decide where I’m going to spend five or more years of my life.

If I were religious, I’d be praying right now for a God to send me an angel to show me where to go. But, since I’m struggling with that a little, I’m asking the universe to show me some signs as to where I should go. Or, maybe, as my mother would suggest, I should be asking for patience to see it all through.

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Hold on tight, you guys.



check in

Last week, I did the trade in. I was loading a suitcase full of brights and sandals for almost two much needed weeks away.

This week, I’m doing the check in. I’m about five shades tanner, a whole lot happier, and way less involved on social media. It feels good to get back to simpler things for a while.

It’s been lazy brunches, drives across the state to see family in Naples, late dinners by the water, treks down the Intercoastal, and shopping, shopping, shopping. Buying everything from lacy bralettes to strappy heels.



Saw these  Alexis Bittar hoops in store at Bloomingdales today. Thinking, even though gold isn’t my usual, I might have to treat myself. Wouldn’t these compliment interesting necklines and golden tans?

I better go… my dad’s napping (read: four Coronas deep) and snoring too loud at the pool.



trade in

This Wednesday, I’m headed down for an eleven day trip, first to the Carolinas and then to Fort Lauderdale.

Honestly, I am so sick of winter clothes. I know it’s time for a change when I’m even tired of my classic cable knits, cashmere, riding boots, and black on black- the tried and true.

This Wednesday, trade in the blacks and camels for corals and brights. Switch out the heeled, dark booties for easy and light sandals.

Can’t wait to don a colorful bikini and lay out for hours…

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jack rogers booties

I realize that bootie season is nearly over, but when I was browsing those perfect wedges I showed in yesterday’s post, I couldn’t help but take a look at Jack Rogers’ booties too.

How cute are these? I love the classic scallops on a more trendy shoe.

[via zappos.com]
The Bailee style is a bit lower and appears to be only available in a suede. I’ve never seen it in the leather, but there may be some out there. Regardless, I love the beautiful suede, especially the cognac and black, with the easy shape. Plus, $128 for well made booties is a steal! Again, I found them at Zappos but I’m sure more colors, sizes, and finishes can be found on Poshmark or with a little digging.

[via amazon.com]
Even though I love the classic, shorter bootie, the taller Marianne style also speaks to me. The stacked heel is beautiful coupled with the same scallops and slightly pointed toe from the Bailee. Zappos didn’t have leather, only suede in black, oak, and olive, for $168, but I really like the leather. It screams New England meets Southern elegance meets the shoes of my dreams.

Sorry for the back to back Jack- see what I did there?- but I really can’t say enough about their brand, classic products, and quality. Plus, I’m loyal and in a let’s-spend-money mood.

*cue Chris Brown’s Loyal, a terrible song with a great message*




jack rogers wedges

With summer coming up, I’m on the lookout to expand my shoe closet. As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I loveeee shoes, especially anything heeled. I’m only 5’6″, so I like a subtle height.

Enter wedges. The perfect casual yet dressy shoe to take you to anything from Easter services to dinner on the water, wedges fit the bill for a lot of my summer events. Plus, I try to stick by the water during the summer, and heels are just too fussy sometimes. Picture me getting stuck in the dock, which unfortunately did happen when I was in my slut phase and wore heels a lot.

I have a few trusty pairs, but I’m looking for a new wedge to reward my subpar grades and mediocre achievements. When many of my friends got the Jack Rogers Lauren flats, which are a little different than the classic Navajo sandals that I love, I found out they also make wedges. Wow. That was a great day.

Since then, I have been looking at this Jack Rogers ‘Luccia’ pair. I love the platinum, pictured here and at Zappos for $178, and the white.

[via zappos.com]
I will add that Zappos’ customer service and shipping speed is unparalleled, and, to my experience, my Jacks have been nothing but good quality. A pair lasts me one to two summers getting trashed in the sand, dipped in the water, and covering a lot of pavement, but they hold up well and break in with time.

Well, I really want these now. Damn it.