it’s you

“ It’s you. It’s been you for the past 486 days. Since the moment I met you. It’s you at 2 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon. It’s you when I’m sleeping and studying and eating and laughing. You are everywhere and you are everything. ”

-2am thoughts, via

I could be dead asleep and, if someone mentioned your name, I’d wake up. There could be a fire, and I know I’d run in to get you. You’re the first person I want to call when I do something great, and the one I want to lay next to at the last moments I’m awake.

When you tweet, post a Snapchat story, or put up an Instagram, it makes my heart hurt. I want to be there, among the pictures of you and your friends tailgating, snapshots from your service trip to South America, and throwbacks with your brothers.

I can’t see a future without you. I want us to have blue-eyed, freckle-y little kids that run around and play sports and make jokes with the easiness that you do. Sometimes, I’ll see a couple or a family and I’ll feel a little lost. If I’m with another guy, it never feels right.t’s because I know I’m supposed to do all of that with you. We’re supposed to do life together, and it absolutely breaks my heart that we’re not.

I miss how comfortable we are together, how loved you make me feel, how much you make me laugh. I miss your dad dance moves and your laugh. I miss the way you effortlessly reference everything from That 70s Show to Dave Matthews Band.

It’s always been you.




sacred sundays

I think I’ve found it: the formula for a perfect Sunday.

In no surprise, it incorporates a little bit of everything good, all in one day. This is what works for me, and, yeah, I realize I can be a lazy piece of shit.

morning: #BrunchGang + bs work

Gather up friends, a guy you’re into, or even your parents, and get a crew together for brunch. Nothing starts a Sunday, or, rather, any day, off better than a slightly gluttonous meal and mimosas can.

After brunch, do something useful but not overly exerting, like laundry, light vacuuming, studying for a quiz, revising a paper, organizing something, etc.

afternoon: light lunch + work out 

Thanks to countless Sundays of experimenting, I’ve realized that the best segway into a productive afternoon is a light, healthy lunch. Think yogurt and granola, an acai bowl, or salad. Then, throw on yoga pants or your workout wear of choice and do anything, from running with a friend to going hard at the gym. I find that, after working out, I often feel super motivated and get a ton of stuff done, so this might also be a good time to do anything important or lingering for Monday.

evening: shower + relaaaaaaax

If you do anything after dinnertime on a Sunday, you’re doing it wrong, chief. Take a long, hot shower and use all the lingering Sephora samples and Lush products you have sitting somewhere. Do a last-minute review of your calendar so all your ducks are in a row. Catch up on Netflix, clean your space a little bit, lay out makeup, an outfit, and plug everything into it’s charger. Down several one Melatonin and a beverage of your choice.

Happy Sunday!



emojis: personal favorites

I am of the belief that a person’s recent emoji tab says a lot about them. I’d even venture to say it describes more about someone than their religious beliefs, favorite SEC team, choice of pizza toppings, and other crucial decisions.

Obviously, as a frequent emoji user, I have favorites. Doesn’t everyone?

The classic red salsa dancer emoji has been around for as long as I can remember. It’s a classic, feel-good vote of confidence or sign of excitement that will never age. I also am a fan because this lovely lady is never used for anything bad. It’s always positive, and I can’t hate that.

I also am a frequent flyer with the dancing blonde twins emoji. Not only does it make a killer Halloween costume for two, but it also adds the perfect sense of camaraderie. Use on girls’ night, or when you and a friend are accidentally wearing the same top. Also, this pair makes a great addition to any Instagram caption.

Lastly, a favorite of mine, and also a new iOS 8.3 addition, is the eye roll emoji. We’ve all been waiting for it, and it’s finally here. Truly, this did not disappoint, and it makes an excellent one word response if you’re on the receiving end of a truly gross text. For example, a friend sends you a screenshot of your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s Twitter bio, which, by the way, is beyond basic. Respond with this.

[Make sure to read the emoji code of conduct here. Thanks.]



emojis: code of conduct

I am a fairly frequent user of emojis. I am proud to say that my emoji game could be described as strong, and believe that a perfectly placed emoji can not only make or break a text, but also describe more than words.

You know what they say, a picture says a thousand words!

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when adding a darling little emoticon to a message, and they are as follows: choose appropriately, don’t use too many, and know when to send back a single emoji without words.

First, it is crucial to choose your emojis carefully. For example, you wouldn’t add the 100 emoji if your mom texted you to inform you of the family cat’s passing. On that point, actually, emojis shouldn’t be used in any truly serious situations, genuine emergencies, or sad instances. It’s just plain wrong. There’s also an unspoken code for using emojis, and it is honestly best understood by taking your time to analyze the hundreds of options to feel out the right choice. A salsa dancer emoji is perfect for the outfit picture your friend sent, or a great reply to a “we’re going out tonight!” text, whereas a skull may be better used when someone is truly idiotic and beyond help.

Second, ensure that you’re not using too many. I use two or more when I’m being one hundred percent sarcastic and snarky, but, in regular messages, I stick to one, or two tops. After that, whatever you’re trying to get across with them will be lost. The only exception to this rule is using three 100 emojis consecutively, in which case, proceed full speed ahead. We all know that, after a few drinks, girls love to pepper in more than a few emojis to express their current mood, so try to reign that in on a night out.

Third, some texts warrant a simple, one-emoji response. If a friend informs you of something truly heinous, like “A made out with B’s boyfriend last night”, then you may want to respond with a simple skull. A “here” alert could be answered with the thumbs up, the 100, or the praising hands. The tongue, kitty with heart eyes, or blushing kitty could follow any selfie, potential outfit, or positive screenshot sent to you. The birthday hat with confetti is reserved strictly for birthdays and New Year’s, especially if you’re out celebrating and don’t have time to type something out. Really, much like I mentioned before, this takes time to get the hang of.

I believe in you. Happy texting.



house of cards

Before I proceed, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not spoil anything for me, since I’m only about halfway through season two. For future reference, and because I am a decent human being, I’ll mark any posts I write with warnings before including any spoilers.

Regardless, I’m frantically trying to finish House of Cards’ seasons two and three before four debuts in early March. I know, it’s a bold move and probably a losing bet, but it’s a task I’m willing to take on.

Okay, now I’m about to spoil some things. So read cautiously!

Because, you know, I have a life and a series to finish, I’ll just list my initial thoughts quickly:

Frank? Amazing, but a psychopath. Master of manipulation.

Claire? Ice queen.

Remy Danton? Snake.

Lucas? Losing it.

Doug? Honestly, probably disturbed.

Jeanine? Smarter than I pegged her to be.

Tusk? Does anyone like Tusk?

Meechum? The man.





Besides House of Cards, I haven’t been up to much this weekend. All my friends are either in Europe or somewhere warm, while I’m stuck here.

I’m not worried, though, because there are things to look forward to: St. Patrick’s Day, a Carolinas trip, and a visit to Fort Lauderdale this spring.

In a dull moment today, I went for a run with my super good friend and neighbor. I love him because he listens to all my problems for free.

Although I really hate running, having someone fun to do it with makes it a little more tolerable. Plus, nothing beats fresh air.

I think a workout might be part of curing the famous Sunday night anxiety. I’ll report back.




three things to do today

Do you ever get in one of those shitty moods where you just can’t motivate yourself to do anything?

I know I do. This entire week, in fact, has been a whirlwind of projects and working on content and writing papers and trying to help my parents.

As much as it seems like a contradiction, doing things to help you do more things, I occasionally run through this tiny list of tasks on a Saturday or Sunday to lift me out of the funk.

Maybe, for a little pick-me-up, try:

  • open a window. It’s February, and time to air things out. Even if it’s below a frigid thirty two degrees, a little fresh air is good for the soul.
  • pet a puppy. Stalk a neighbor for a glimpse of their dog or go to the pet store or ASPCA and play with a pup. They’ll appreciate it and you will too.
  • get a manicure. Nothing makes me feel more put together than looking down at freshly manicured nails. At the very least, give yourself a coat of Bubble Bath and some L’Occitane.

Happy Sunday!