While I do eventually want to do a few book reviews, I haven’t been reading anything recently that’s worth posting. So, with our society moving mainly towards fast media and digital spheres, I thought I’d share the articles and links that have been on my desktop lately.

This article from StyleCaster sums up a lot of great tips and tricks for easy style, keeping your clothes in good shape, and so on. It’s a must-bookmark for every woman.

Forbes is usually a little too serious for my liking, but I loved this piece about the morning routines of twelve power-house women. It makes me want to get up and do more than just be a barely-functioning sloth in the morning.

73 Questions is one of my favorite video series, and, combined with Reese Witherspoon, one of my favorite actors, the result is amazing. I loved seeing her LA home that was still California with touches of her Southern heritage here and there. “What’s Southern hospitality?” “Where eveybody belongs,” she answered. Love that. See it here.

I think I’ve talked about her before, but I just love Mackenzie Horan. She runs an adorable boutique for those unique gifts I’m always needing for the aunt, the coworker, the big sister, etc, out of Dallas, and her posts are always a breath of fresh air.

Everyone needs to read these tips from Maskcara. I wish thirteen year old me would’ve read this before entering the personal hell that is eyeliner applied by a tween. Even if you’ve been doing makeup for a while, it’s worth a read. The image below is of the same girl…. makeup works wonders if it’s done right!!!





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