wednesday catch up

Here to share some real-life drama and some other stuff I’ve been meaning to share with you guys. Sorry for the randomness, still trying to keep my head above water this week.

  • Reminding myself this until next Thursday, when I’m leaving to visit my brother and hang out with my dad:



  • Somehow, I’m sick. Again. What the actual fuck? Why am I so succeptible to germs? Why does the world hate me? Why does my Vicks Vaporizer machine NOT WORK???????????
  • I finally organized my bookmarks so now they’re not in a giant list. I also pared it down… I previously had over 100 bookmarks. Oops.
  • Despite being sick, I have actually gone in every day this week and am super proud of myself for looking like a real human being, makeup and all.
  • It’s the last day of September. Let that sink in.
  • My nail polish color this week? OPI Bubble Bath. I layer two coats over one coat of Crabtree & Evelyn ‘Peony’, which was a gift I now use all the time (thanks, DJ!) Bubble Bath is pretty sheer on its own, as shown in this shot, so I like a base underneath, but have worn it both ways.


[image via, no other source, unfortunately. link to the C&E polish, which I like a lot and is packaged well:]




a love affair: military jackets

It took me a little while to jump on the military jacket train, but damn, I’m glad I did. Olive green doesn’t look the best on me so I found one that’s a little more brown, and I really like it. I found mine last year at TJ Maxx, since it’s more of a trendier item and I’d rather splurge on something more lasting, and didn’t recognize the brand. But, I see them everywhere so I’m sure you could find one almost anywhere.

Actually, funny story, I didn’t know I had this until I cleaned out my closet the other day and found it squished in with some other green stuff (my closet is color-coded, of course.) I remembered I bought it last winter on sale for $19.99 and it was a great rainy, chilly day to break it out!

Here are some outfits I’m going to recreate with mine:









Clearly, they’re a versatile item that works with a lot of neutrals and can be dressed up or down. I’m planning on pairing them with Converse, black, and stripes. Maybe booties, too.



last night…

Last night was…

+my favorite bronzer (Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil)

+a bottle of Veuve

+a party bus filled with my relatives

+my little cousin getting sick at dinner

+losing an appetite

+needing to forget

+crashing a party (00ps)

+way more Veuve

+crying my bronzer off

And sometimes, gals, that’s the way it goes. Thankful for my bed on this beautiful Sunday morning.



5 on friday

  1. Damn, September’s almost over: Yesterday, I saw one of those tumblr posts that said, “page 267 of 365.” Wow.
  2. The End of Jacks Season: RIP Jacks, until next year. I wore mine tonight since it was still hot and, combined with my fall pedicure and next to some fallen leaves, it just didn’t feel right. #sadtweet
  3. Jean Jacket: Another fall staple, I’ve missed you. Tonight for a lecture I was forced encouraged to attend, I wore a t-shirt dress, Jacks, and my beloved Jean jacket. (Gap, circa 2009.)
  4. VSCO: I know I’ve mentioned it before, but damn I love VSCO. Now I have somewhere to put all my selfies, food pics, and sunset shots that I would get too much hate for on instagram or twitter. I love you, VSCO.
  5. Old People: Tomorrow, my sweet grandma is turning 80. This is a big deal, considering that my parents recruited a limo and a case of Dom for the event. Pray for me.

And with that, I’m off. To bed.





three good things

Since it’s Thursday and I love alliteration, we’re going with three good things on Thursday. It feels like it should be the end of the week already. Ready for #ThirstyThursday

  1. Fall Outfits- I’m once again joining the basic bitches of the world and praising fall. I can’t wait to wear sweaters, booties, and dark denim again. I’m ready, world. I’ve gotten a few days so far to bust those items out and they’ve been good.
  2. Naps- This is awful, but sometimes, when I go to bed during the week, I look forward to the glorious naps I am sure to take on Saturday or Sunday. Or, fuck it, both.
  3. Seeing Your Friends Happy- Yeah, it can suck being the only single one. But, really, it is nice to see your friends with nice guys that they love and that treat them well.
  4. Just kidding. I do not have a heart.

Sidenote: 91 days until Christmas. Both scary and exciting. Happy Thursday.





why tuesdays suck

I’m starting to form a theory that Tuesdays are often worse than Mondays.

Mondays, at least, offer the freshness of a new week. If you have a bad Sunday, chances are you get to go back to work or school the next day and start a different routine, getting rid of all that bad energy. But, if you have a bad Monday, the same exact layout awaits you on Tuesday, and it’s hard to break out of a slump.

All the other weekdays have something to look forward to, or some sort of high point. Except Tuesday. On Monday, it’s: Oh my God, I can’t wait to be done with Monday and drown my sorrows in wine. On Wednesday, it’s: Okay. More than halfway there. We can do this. On Thursday: One more day till the weekend. And, on Friday: freedom.

But, on Tuesday, what do we have? Nothing.

I also find that I’m often inundated with more work on Tuesday than I am on Monday. Because on the first day back, no one’s making aggressive moves. Maybe we get the week’s outlook, a plan, or some meetings and presentations. But on Tuesday, we realize we’re in this for the long haul (read: the rest of the week), and work is to be done come hell or high water.

And this, my friends, is why Tuesdays suck. Drake helps, though. He just posted the cutest instagram of him and his mom. Love it.


[gif via]




For those of you who don’t know, I’m on Twitter. Follow me @instantblonde !

I never understood how fun and how much of a time suck Twitter truly is. From stalking your ex’s favorites to watching videos and keeping up with celebrities (Chrissy Teigen is a must follow), I want it all.

Recently, I’ve been favoriting and saving tweets I love. Here’s the lineup:

“Chipotle employee: “white or brown rice? Black or pinto beans? Do you love this shit? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?” @NickSkougCW

This video of a white mom listening to hip hop. lmaooooooooooo

“When you have class at 8 and fighting the Persians at 9” @ohhewantstheP


“Me:” @ImpatientPrblms


“10 minutes into Netflix and chill” @DwightSchrute_

Not posting the image for this since it is most definitely NSFW and I don’t want instantblonde to be labelled as anything shady. Here’s the link to the tweet.

“i have not had a sunday this lazy in a long, long time. my body has become the same temperature and texture as this couch. we are one.” @chrissytiegen

Also, does anyone else think Minnetonka’s are ugly? Or is that just me?

Happy Tuesday.